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  • How to generate a list of suspects
  • How to turn suspects into prospects
  • How to create the Family Asset Positioning tree
  • How to make money as a solo planner





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To Eliminate
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It is possible to generate a six figure annual income in just a few short months. In less than 90 days you will have referrals from clients and agents asking you to share what you know.


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My mission is to help you take the next natural step into the proper funding of the Estate Plans you help people design for themselves and their families.

You either need to sell to people who have never done business with you in the past OR You sell new products to people who have done business with you in the past. Stating where you are in an honest and straight forward position statement allows us to discover the Next Step.

Stating your knowledge base, and your income needs, help a lot, too. Let me start by giving you a hint to what is to come.

Starting where you are right now, I will show you how you can get to a six figure annual income in just a few short months. All you have to do is take the Next Step!

The guide to converting your financial services sales practice to an Estate Planning buzz saw!

The complete “How To” booklet: Approach Plan Succed

It teaches you how to Attract, Diagnose and Prescribe to your clients.

A complete do it yourself manual and great learning tool !!!

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Hey Randy,

Update: I wrote my first Estate Plan already and entered the credit card info on the system today for a Joanna Slattery. I charged her the full $1,995.00.

This was the second time I brought up the issue of Estate Planning with her but last time she was dragging her feet.
I used the go to interview and I could see the wheels turning.

As I drew out her family tree she was thinking about how she really needs to get this all taken care of it was pretty incredible.

It was like drawing out the family tree was allowing her to sit with the problem for a minute and just wrap her mind around the problems she was leaving for her family and herself if she did not take care of this.

This was not an easy or slam dunk sale, she was procrastinating big time, but your presentation is kind of magical.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know I am still super stoked and I wanted you to keep an eye out for today’s deal so I know if I did it correctly.

Tony Filippone, Retirement Wealth Advisors, LLC

When my husband died, I knew nothing of dealing with his death. Randy spent hours explaining the wills, a Trust, an investment that would pay me for the rest of my life, tons of paperwork, and Probate. I am so grateful for all he did and what he is still doing for me.

Nancye Payne

The service and advice I have received from Randy Baxter has been a great blessing to me and my family. He is a trustworthy man in whom I have confidence.

Mike Newby

Randy Baxter is a professional advisor who specializes in assisting people design their estate planning portfolio.

He received his BS in Education from the University of Tennessee in 1977 and taught elementary and college for six years. He entered the financial services industry in 1983 with the New York Life Insurance Company and began work as the training supervisor of the East Tennessee offices in 1985. His status as the go-to person for product knowledge and plan design helped him realize that to help the most people, it was best to work as an independent trainer with agent responsibilities and specialize in Estate Planning Design. In 1987, he opened Asset Positioning Services, an independent estate planning organization.

Thirty-nine years of experience working with clients, attorneys, and CPAs and credentials from “Estate Docs” Pro as a White Label Distributor called Family Estate Docs have placed Randy in a position to help his clients and all financial services professionals whatever their needs in wealth accumulation, preservation, and distribution.

As author of the book, APPROACH PLAN SUCCEED, and originator of the GO TO first interview for estate planning, “Family Tree Asset Positioning, Randy is in a position to secure the desires of his clients and enhance the value of other financial services providers with his coaching programs.


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