Has your family experienced a major health change or threatening condition that makes you wonder if your life is in order?  Or even the death of a loved one?

Do you have a disabled child or spouse that is dependent on your financial decisions?

Do you know what that person wants if things get bad they go into a COMA?

Have you made plans if you are the one that suddenly is disabled or dies?

Leaving that dependent alone?

Have you designated who is in charge and who you trust to follow your wishes?

Many people put these decisions off until it is too late.

They think they have time and then one day they don’t.

Their loves ones find out their primary head of the household is intestate.

That means the state is going to decide how their assets are distributed.

Noone in that person’s life encouraged them to take the steps they needed to take.

They wind up on what I call the Government plan.  If you have no will or trust, you are on that government plan.

You lose control of your life’s work, due to a health problem.

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