An asset change can be positive or negative.

It can cause serious estate issues pro or con.

There are many issues in life that I like to call Pillars of Life.

Transactions that change the way you experience life.

The loss or gain of a career.

The sale of a house, or business.

An inheritance, a marriage or divorce, the birth of a child, or an empty nest.

A gift?

When these events occur, it usually calls for a re-evaluation of plans or a reason to reassess or restructure.

Most people fail to plan for events they think they have time in the future to address.  And when that day comes they are unprepared, and need a court ordered Conservatorship or became intestate.

We all need to be able to make our own end of life decisions, and want to be able to choose who makes decisions for us, or who will follow our wishes if we die or get disabled.

No one plans to be intestate, they just put it off and it happens.

This is called being on the government plan for estate planning.

If you do not have the proper paperwork with a will or a trust, you are on the government plan, and the state decides how your assets are distributed according to what they think is appropriate, what they think is the degree of your relationships.

Is that what you want?  I think probably not, but no one has convinced you to take action.

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