Do you have a will, a Trust or the government plan?

Do your loved ones have access to the proper paperwork if you die or get disabled?

Over half of the people in a major financial magazine survey said they simply have just not gotten around to making a plan, or feel it is not an urgent issue to have the proper paperwork that says what to do if they were in a COMA, and the doctor does not think they would come out of it.

Have you made a decision about who would make those healthcare decisions for you if that were to occur?

Have you picked or asked someone to handle your financial affairs if you become mentally disabled and are not in that dreaded COMA?

Who would handle your estate if you suddenly died in an accident or illness?

Have you decided how those assets would be distributed and managed if something happened to you and your spouse at the same time?

About one quarter of the people in that same survey said it was too depressing to consider those things.

Some said they thought it was too expensive, not in the budget.

Many thought their estate was too small.  The kids could just work it out. The STATE is the entity that makes those determinations if you do not have the proper paperwork.

So, on they go and one day they are disabled, and or intestate.

Intestate?  This is the term that is used when you fail to make those plans we just reviewed.  It means if you do not have the proper paper work, then the state you live in gets to decide on the distribution of your assets according to the degrees of the relationships you have.

Basically, you either have the proper paperwork completed before hand, or you get the government plan.  Which means you have no control, no say so, it has been written into a law, that most people do not like.

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I call it Family Tree Asset Positioning. It’s a good idea to consider in the privacy of your home.