Can a Financial Services Professional use Family Estate Docs software?

Without practicing law?

This is the most asked question about using the software.

Why not take control of the process?

Your client will love you for the time and money you save them.

Why not capture that part of the process, so you can guarantee the proper funding?

All an agent needs is a proper first interview that I am willing to teach you for free.

I call it: Family Tree Asset Positioning.

If you can draw a circle the size of a quarter , you can remember the presentation.

It will lead you to the conversation of “Do you need a Will or a TRUST.”

That one conversation has an economic value for you the licensee, and the client!

It will lead you both to a conversation that will establish the clients TRUE PURPOSE FOR MONEY!

The Family Tree Asset Positioning first interview is the perfect lead in for those who have done business with you in the past and those who have not done business with you in the past.

This is the perfect conversation for a new agent to learn to scale his/her business into a six figure income in a matter of weeks.

It is perfect for medicare agents, independent agents , looking for a process, and for established agents looking to add services to their existing clients.

There are three things that happen to us all that cause people to want to talk with their estate planner.

  • Relationship Changes
  • Asset Changes
  • Health Changes

Don’t you want to be their go to person when these things occur?

If you have the Presentation and the software, you are set to go.

You can have an individual license or one for your agency.

$495 per year can lead you to that six figure income and those large back in sales!

All of the working parts of every Family Estate Plan document was written by estate planning attorneys. That is fact #1. Fact #2 is when people go to a law firm they are asked to complete a questionnaire which is fill in the blanks. The attorney’s staff then put the fill in the blank answers the client provided into their software program. All we did was have the interview “feed” direct into the software so that it doesn’t have to be reentered. Another fact is that some of the more sophisticated law practices now have software similar to our where the client goes to a link the attorney provided where they complete a questionnaire very much like ours.

Our software has generated more estate plans and living trusts over the past 10 years than thousands of attorneys combined. There has never been 1 issue and most are funded. Whereas with law firms they are not funded meaning they are worthless.

Frank Divers and Dean Martin and myself are always there to assist with clients when you need help.

We couldn’t get that type of support and service anywhere.

You do not want to lose a client because an estate planner captured their attention and loyalty by having the conversation called Family Tree Asset Positioning.